Which types of companies should apply to Startup Reykjavik?

Getting closer to Startup Reykjavik‘s application deadline, I frequently get asked what kind of ideas or companies should apply to the accelerator.

Many consider an accelerator like Startup Reykjavik the perfect forum for business ideas in their early stages and that the program suits founders well for assisting with incorporation, shape their idea and strengthen the business model. To some extent, they are right.

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Startup Reykjavik’s startups from 2012 – How have they performed?

Building an excellent company takes at least ten years. We often see successful companies that we perceive became superstars overnight. Founders of companies like Uber, Lyft and AirBnB had all worked on their current business ideas in some shape or form for over ten years before they became household names. Nothing happens by itself, and it’s usually founders’ tenacity and perseverance mixed with good luck that places excellent companies at the top, where they deserve to be.

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Listing your Nordic (startup) company is a viable option

Since 2012, I have worked with investing in startups in Iceland through my work at Arion Bank in Reykjavik, Iceland. These investments come through the business accelerators Startup Reykjavik and Startup Energy Reykjavik. Each participant in the accelerator receives fresh equity in addition to the various support and perks available. Continue reading

Arion Bank’s FinTech Party – Hackathon

Arion Bank is the first bank in Iceland to host a hackathon. Arion Bank’s FinTech Party is the first hackathon where hackers from  established IT companies, the startup community or universities can work on several APIs to hack and develop new financial services. Continue reading

Florealis secures its second seed round financing

Florealis, a Startup Reykjavik company from the 2013 cohort, has secured its second round of seed financing of ISK 50 million (USD 395,000). The investor group behind the investment consists of experts from the pharmaceutical industry and angel investors. Previously, Florealis had secured another ISK 50 million in its first seed round.
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Opinn hugur einkennir sterka frumkvöðla

Upphaf viðskiptahraðla á Íslandi

Fram til ársins 2012 hafði fjölþættum stuðningi við frumkvöðlaumhverfið verið ábótavant á Íslandi. Ekki var til stuðningsnet fyrir frumkvöðlana sjálfa, fjöldi fjárfesta var takmarkaður og almenn þjónusta var hvorki sýnileg né aðgengileg fyrir þá sem vildu stofna fyrirtæki og vera hluti af alþjóðamarkaði. Að frumkvæði Arion banka var ákveðið að koma á fót viðskiptahraðli (business accelerator) sem myndi taka á þessum vandkvæðum. Í samstarfi við Icelandic Startups (áður Klak Innovit) varð því Startup Reykjavík til, sem hefur verið starfræktur síðan þá.
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Icelandic creativity

In recent months, Iceland has been noticed by some non-local media for a rather typical Icelandic trait – creativity. Iceland has been acknowledged for years for its music scene, design and literal heritage. But today we are seeing a change in the entrepreneurial environment where startups are beginning to flourish, in the sense that they are gaining international (and local) traction. We see companies receiving funding on levels rarely seen in Iceland.

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