Einar Gunnar’s CV

Einar Gunnar Guðmundsson – 29.03.1972

Married to Arna Hauksdóttir. We have three lively boys.

Professional strengths and interests IcelandicEnglish – pdf document

2021 – Head of Division, Ministry of Finance and Economic Affairs, Iceland – Digital transformation

2020 – Chairman of the Board Leviosa ehf., an Icelandic startup that improves documentation in EHR systems for clinical experts, allowing them to spend more time with patients instead of spending time in front of a computer.

2019 – 2021 Independent advisor on strategy, business development, digitization and innovation.

2010 – 2019 Arion Bank – CEO Office – Corporate Entrepreneur / Business Development

At the bank, I had two roles. Primary role was working with the Icelandic startup community. Arion Bank owns and operates two business accelerators, Startup Reykjavik and Startup Energy Reykjavik. Secondary role was business development for the bank, mostly on digital and Open banking.

I served as the CEO of Startup Reykjavik Invest ehf., the investment company that invests in the companies participating in Startup Reykjavik. I am also the Chairman for Startup Energy Reykjavik holding company. I am also very happy to have chaired the board of the Icelandic Student Innovation Fund from 2014 – 2020.

2008 – 2009 – Icebank

For seven months I worked at the bank’s corporate finance division, until the bank formally went into a moratorium.

2005 – 2008 – ScandCap AB – Co-Founder

ScandCap is a financial advisory company in Stockholm, Sweden. The company focuses on M&A and debt advisory.

2000 – 2003 – Agora ehf. – Co-Founder

Agora’s business was large exhibitions for both corporates and consumers. The Agora exhibition in 2000 and 2002 was our flagship.

1997 – 2000 – EIMSKIP – LCL Marketing manager & eCommerce Manager

Assistance to sales departments with marketing and internal data. Built the company’s second generation of website.

1994 – 1996 – Hafey ehf. – Co-Founder

My first company. Started it with a friend. We produced Pox in Iceland, the Hawaiian collectible milk caps tradition, with pictures of Icelandic musicians and bands, players of 24 national teams in the Team handball World Cup held in Iceland.

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