The ten selected teams in Startup Reykjavik 2017

It’s that time of the year. Spring, sun and a selection process… Startup Reykjavik commences on June 12th, now for the sixth consecutive year. Although we saw a substantial drop in number of application for the accelerator, the quality of the teams is actually improving, at least on paper.


Diversity in the teams is great, as in recent years. Simplified, the participants are in five sectors:

  • 2 hardware teams
  • 2 gaming / VR teams
  • 2 food teams
  • 2 software teams
  • 2 services teams (built on software)

The teams are:

  1. Bone & Marrow –
  2. Dataplato – cloud-based dashboard on monetary factors for accounting systems, targeting SMEs.
  3. Itogha – Technology to identify diet related problems and food based solutions
  4. Myrkur Software – Myrkur has developed platforming game projects, leading edge virtual reality software solutions and is currently working on a third person role playing fantasy game.
  5. My Shopper –
  6. Neat Team – We offer employees a choice of what they can have for lunch by ordering off a versatile online menu from various restaurants.
  7. Porcelain Fortress – game-development company with an emphasize on Virtual Reality (VR) and Augmented Reality (AR).
  8. Project Monsters – eildstætt einstaklingsmiðað námskerfi sem byggt er á nútímatækni og leiðandi kenningum í sálfræði.
  9. SAFE seat – SAFE Seat is the lowest cost suspension seat for boats. It keeps your spine safe in rough seas.
  10. ZIfra –  open source memory cards that provide live encryption. Our smart memory card has the ability to automatically encrypt any information on the fly, as soon as the content is created

As before, Startup Reykjavik is a joint venture between Arion Bank and Icelandic Startups.