Datadrive secures funding from Klappir

Klappir, a green technology investment firm, has invested in Datadrive, a Startup Reykjavik 2015 company. The founders still remain majority owners in the company. The amount invested is not disclosed at this point.

Datadrive develops systems that support drivers in more environmental driving. Datadrive’s system receives various data, e.g. from the vehicle computer, GPS coordinates, and mediates it to the owner or driver in an easy and comprehensible manner. The technology enables vehicle owners or drivers to access data from the vehicle in real time, such as fuel consumption, the vehicle’s condition and location.

The founders, Gudmundur G. Sigurdsson, Höskuldur Th. Arason, Ingi B. Sigurdsson and Thorolfur Gunnarsson, all have over 15 years of experience in working with vehicle data and equipment.

Datadrive was recently nominated as the best IoT company in Iceland in the Nordic Startup Awards.

Klappir ehf., is an investment firm owned by Jon Agust Thorsteinsson, the founder or Marorka. Klappir focuses on investments in companies that develop and produce green technology, i.e. energy efficiency and maintenance. Klappir has previously invested in Marorka and ARK Technology.

I congratulate both the Datadrive and Klappir team on this milestone.

From left: Höskuldur Arason, Gudmundur Sigurdsson, Thorsteinn Jonsson, Thorolfur Gunnarsson, Hildur Jonsdottir, Jon Thorsteinsson, Ingi Sigurdsson, Sigrun Jonsdottir

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